Bonus Episode 1: The Linda McCartney Story

Happy Holidays! We’ve got THREE bonus episodes for you today!!! Sam Whiles of Paul or Nothing and Phoebe Lorde discuss two Made-for-TV films about the McCartneys and Lennons. Perfect listening for a post-Christmas haze!

In Bonus Episode 1, join Phoebe and Sam Whiles, host of Paul or Nothing podcast, as they discuss the TV movie The Linda McCartney Story (2000).

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AKOM presents: Pizza and Fairytales

Episode 3: Love is Wanting

1975 and 76 represent a pivotal moment for John Lennon, and his choices at this juncture determine his fate in his final years. Episode Three is a deep exploration of John’s ongoing inner conflicts: his lasting trauma over the Beatles breakup; his susceptibility to Yoko’s continuing mind games; his predilection for jealousy and insecurity. 

All this, plus the long shadow cast by the nightmarish Primal Scream Therapy John underwent at the hands of Arthur Janov. It’s a topic which usually slides under the radar of Beatles discourse—until now. AKOM’s hard, probing look at Janov reveals his therapy’s catastrophic effects on John’s psyche and on the Lennon-McCartney relationship. 

Ultimately, John chooses not to revive his partnership with Paul McCartney in New Orleans. How does this alter the course of their renewed relationship? And how does John’s eventual descent into depression, paranoia and superstition alter both his feelings for and perceptions of Paul?

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AKOM presents: Pizza and Fairytales

Episode 2: Heart like a Wheel

In our second installment of Pizza & Fairytales we discuss how Yoko draws Paul into her mind games with John. Highlights of Paul’s ensuing visit to John in LA include the Toot ‘n’ Snore jam session and a peculiar Polaroid message sent to Jann Wenner.

Back in New York, John gives his last ever concert performance and the Beatles are finally, legally dissolved. Afterwards, Paul invites John to a rendezvous in New Orleans, setting the stage for a possible Lennon-McCartney reunion.

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Our first review!

Lindsay at 25YL left us this beautiful review in 25YL’s feature “What’s the Buzz!”  This was really encouraging and uplifting to read.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! 🙂

“There is no shortage of sources for information about The Beatles. The most popular music group in history has had thousands of books, articles, documentaries—thousands upon thousands of words written or spoken—etc, all produced about them. And now nearly 60 years since they first came together onstage as The Beatles, especially in the post-Beatles Anthology years, it would seem as though nothing more needs to be said. But as younger fans take up the mantle of musicological scholarship about the Fab Four from the hands of the Baby Boomers who first knew and revered and wrote hagiographies about them, an interesting thing has begun to happen.

This is where Another Kind of Mind: A Fresh Look at The Beatles, a new Beatles podcast, steps in. Fronted by a group of passionate young women (somewhere around the Gen-X/Millennial age boundary) AKOM enters the ring determined to wade through the bullshit of Beatles discourse to try to get to the heart of some of the issues surrounding the fandom.

They’re only a month old, but so far they’ve tackled Ringo Starr’s musical style and contributions to the band, George Harrison’s involvement in “How Do You Sleep?”, John Lennon’s song-attack on Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono’s artistic output (both as a competent and interesting solo artist and as John‘s final creative partner), and the intense Lennon/McCartney relationship. Not bad for a brand-new podcast!”

May I Introduce to You: The Minds Behind Another Kind of Mind

Welcome to our introductory episode, where we will walk you through who we are, why we wanted to do a podcast, and how we will approach the topics we plan to tackle in the future. Thanks for joining us! “We hope you will enjoy the show!”


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