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About Us

By Clara Camilotto @claracamilotto on Instagram

Listen to our brief, introductory episode, “The Minds Behind Another Kind of Mind”

Welcome! We are professionals, artists, and musicians united by a lifelong interest in the Beatles.

We found a commonality in the fact that in our many years of nearly obsessive Beatles research, all three of us were dissatisfied with how the Beatles’ story has been told since the band’s breakup in 1970. We believe that many of the narratives around the Beatles’ story are predicated on faulty assumptions and post-breakup spin.

We decided to channel our energy into creating well-researched, irreverent, nuanced, and emotionally intelligent analyses of the Beatles’ story. That’s how Another Kind of Mind was born.

Join us as we unpack, examine, and pressure test the narratives of Beatles history in order to get to some fresh thinking. We hope you will enjoy the show!

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