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Author: akompodcast

We're a collective of artists, musicians, and professionals across a spectrum of fields who dissect and challenge established narratives about the band with irreverent, fearless, and thought-provoking analysis. We are on iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, and many other podcast platforms: tinyurl.com/akomonitunes tinyurl.com/akomonspotify anotherkindofmind.podbean.com - Website: anotherkindofmind.com - Facebook: @anotherkindofmindpod Twitter: @akompodcast Instagram: @anotherkindofmind Email: akompodcast@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Where to Find Us”

  1. Hi Ladies!
    Thanks so much for this amazing podcast! I am a female Beatle fan in my 30s (and a big Paul fan) and this podcast is refreshing for so many reasons! I think female voices in The Beatles story (fans, the women in their lives, historians and authors) get looked over too often so having your perspective is awesome! I wanted to ask if you would be doing any podcasts specifically on Paul and Jane Asher? They are my favorite sub-genre of the Beatle world and one I think that is so under analyzed, appreciated, considered, etc. Loved what you have touched on about it so far! Thank you again!

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    1. Hi Amy, as Ringo said in his Simpsons guest spot, “please forgive the lateness of my reply!” 🙂 This feedback means so much to us, and we definitely agree that the female voices in this fandom are overlooked, which was one of the many reasons we wanted to start this project! We are also huge fans of Paul and Jane, and consider them a sub-genre that needs to be explored more, so there very well may be more of them in future episodes. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, and stay tuned for more! – Thalia and the AKOM crew


  2. Like many people during lock down I’ve been trying to find more interesting podcasts particularly as a Beatles fan scrolling through the same old boring stuff, until I found your brilliant series on spotify. It has been a revelation to me to hear an intelligent, thoughtful and passionate discussion about The Beatles. I have been a fan since I was 12 when I was given a xmas present of the Red 63-66 album back in 1975 and I have to be honest in my 20’s and 30’s I would had classed myself as a jean jacket especially after John’s murder. But over the years I have changed my mind and I had thought I was in the minority reappraising the whole John, Paul dynamic. So it has been brilliant to listen to your discussion not only to hear that I’m not alone in thinking this but also to find out so much more about them them than the run of the mill biography’s and history’s that are published every year. I have told as many people as I possible about your podcast, keep up the good work, it really is the best.

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