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Find out what Paul’s up to in these critical days in September!

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50 years ago today, the Let It Be album was released!

Listen to “If I Ran Away From You,” our series on the Beatles’ breakup, to hear our analysis of the songs, as well as the interpersonal dynamics of Lennon/McCartney during the recording of the “Get Back” project!

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“If you do not have a one-star review on your podcast, you don’t have an audience. You have not done anything. You haven’t pushed a boundary. You’ve not done something good. Because you have to do something to get an emotion out of somebody that they’re willing to go and put a one-star review. If your show is just milquetoast and people aren’t even willing to put a one-star review, it’s not going to grow.”

– Rob Welch of Libsyn on Podcasting Step By Step episode 46

Dear listeners, we’re proud to announce we’ve received our first 1-star review on iTunes!  Guess that means we have arrived! 😎

If you agree that there’s nothing inherently problematic about giving Paul’s perspective equal weight to John’s in Lennon/McCartney discourse, and you enjoy our work, please feel free to leave us a favorable review on iTunes to help like-minded fans find us!

We do this podcast out of love for the subject matter, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our lovely fans for all of your support!

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A crossection of John and Paul shots from 1969, as referenced in Part 6 of “If I Ran Away from You,” our podcast series on The Beatles breakup.

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I’m a huge fan of the pod, almost to the point where it makes other Beatles podcasts irritating because I miss the deeper more accurate understanding you have of Lennon/McCartney that you bring. Maybe you plan to stick to history type topics but I’d love to also hear some episodes where you just talk about your favorite songs, listen through a particular album, or other personal, fannish stuff like that. Either way thanks again for the great content

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The Break-up is a complicated topic (which is why each episode takes so much work and time to produce), but we are proud of what we’re doing and strive to get it right. Having said that, when we complete the series we’ll be delighted to switch over to some lighter, more fannish topics! We love discussing music and film, so for sure we will have many of those episodes in the near future.

In the meantime, we’re very excited for part 6 of the Break-up Series, which should be out soon!

And the upcoming episode 7 is all about the Abbey Road album, so stay tuned for that as well! 🙂

From part 5 of, “If I Ran Away from You,” our in-depth series on #thebeatles breakup – we give this issue the time and attention it deserves.

“If I Ran Away from You: Part 5″ Love, War, and the Games that Ended the Beatles

In this episode, Diana and Phoebe explore the Battle for Northern Songs, which raged throughout the Spring and Summer of 1969. They go deep into this topic, providing detail and context as they investigate Paul’s infamous extra shares and explore the psychological impact of the loss of their publishing rights.
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Anonymous wrote:

Just want to say thanks for the great podcast. Has completely changed my view on Paul and the Beatles. Like, once you realize that Paul was disengaging possibly more than any of them, so many things start to click and make sense that didn’t before. It’s amazing how pervasive the narrative that he was desperately clinging to the band seems to be.

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Hi listener,

We’re always thrilled when people have this kind of reaction to our show, so thank you for writing to us!

This narrative is so persistent and pervasive, isn’t it? When we really examine the actual behavior of John and Paul at that time, and put it under a microscope, this narrative simply makes no sense.

Stay with us – we have a lot of interesting topics coming up!

– Thalia and the AKOM crew

From episode 3.A of If I Ran Away from You, our series on #thebeatles breakup. Beatles authors often place John at the center of the Beatles story, and we think this is the story of all of them, and most especially John and Paul!

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