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The new episode is here!

Spiraling Towards Divorce: Cold Turkey, the 4/4/4/2 Meeting, and the L/M “Myth” – 8 L/M Breakup Series

In part 8 of the L/M Breakup Series, Diana and Phoebe explore the events, meetings, maneuvers and negotiations that took place during the first half of September 1969. They trace how things start to escalate and go off the tracks following the relative harmony of the Abbey Road sessions. Covered in this episode are: John and Yoko’s cold turkey experience, Mary McCartney’s birth, The Isle of Wight festival, the 4/4/4/2 meeting and the “myth” of Lennon/McCartney.

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50 years ago today, this masterpiece was released: indie music and cover art before it became an official genre!

The breakup is always analyzed in terms of John, Paul and Yoko, but this ignores such a critical element.  Linda’s impact is a vital piece of the puzzle that is repeatedly overlooked. 

We consider Linda McCartney a major game changer in the Beatles dynamic and therefore believe she is important to consider in her own right. 

In this episode, we explore her impact on both Paul AND John.

-from episode 6 of our Break-up Series

A crossection of John and Paul shots from 1969, as referenced in Part 6 of “If I Ran Away from You,” our podcast series on The Beatles breakup.

Paul’s “hot on the farm” Ram beard, as discussed in Part 6 of “If I Ran Away from You,” our series on the Beatles breakup.

Paul’s “hot on the farm” Ram beard, as discussed in part 6 of, “If I Ran Away from You,” our series on the Beatles breakup.

Anonymous asks:

Episode 6 is the best episode yet!! I love how you pointed out Paul’s reasons for endorsing the JohnandYoko union, even though he knew it wasn’t ideal. You made a lot of really fantastic, articulate points. Your take on this whole breakup is literally the only one that I’ve seen that makes sense.

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Thank you so much, listener! We worked incredibly hard on it, so we appreciate your acknowledgement, and are so happy you enjoyed it! 🙂

– Diana and Phoebe

Anonymous asked: I’m so ready for the next ep!! The last ep was so good, really really stoked to hear about Linda, especially her early life. She’s so under appreciated in fandom. Also curious to hear your guys’ take on the Cox tapes, if it comes up. Cox’s portrayal of their relationship always felt really out of character, and I would like to be better informed on the topic. Thank you for this podcast, I’m learning a lot!!

Our Tumblr asks

We’re so glad you’re enjoying our podcast, and Diana and Phoebe are hard at work on the next episode of the breakup series!

Linda is such an important and influential woman in the worlds of photography, music, art, vegetarian cooking, and sustainable living! She deserves way more attention within the fandom. We’re pleased to share that we have a full episode dedicated to Linda in the pipeline!

We think the claims Peter Cox made about their marriage are sketchy for a number of reasons.

Stay tuned and thanks for reaching out!

– Thalia and the AKOM crew

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