Thru the AKOM Lens – Going Underground: Paul McCartney, The Beatles, and the UK Counter-Culture

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In this episode of our series Thru the AKOM Lens, Phoebe and Thalia discuss and unpack the documentary Going Underground: Paul McCartney, The Beatles, and the UK Counter-Culture. This fascinating and thought-provoking film covers an extremely important yet often uncelebrated period of not only McCartney and the Beatles, but also pop culture history!

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  1. I discovered your work during the last year, and it definitely became a go-to quarantine podcast! Helped me make it through some challenging times, so many thanks!
    I was touched when Thalia and Phoebe described their feelings about “being heard.” Truthfully, while I think there are more McCartney-positive things out there than you may realize, you all are a part of the next wave of rethinking the whole thing and giving Paul his due. Apropos to this podcast, however, I wanted to suggest the documentary series produced a few years ago called “Composing the Beatles Songbook/Composing Outside the Beatles,” a multi-episode series produced around 2010, which I’ve been able to stream on Amazon Prime. I assumed you had seen it, but it sounded like you’re pretty unfamiliar with the work of Chris Ingham, who features prominently throughout. There’s some “jean jacket” content, but it gets quite interesting, and, alongside Ingham, there’s lots of really interesting input from Klaus Voormann, Barry Miles, Denny’s Laine and Seiwell, Peter Ames Carlin, Paul Gambaccini, Anthony DeCurtis, and others. And, to my mind, while Johnny Rogan (reasonable) and Robert Christgau (seriously?!) do have points to make the show overall gives Lennon and McCarney a fair shake. While it doesn’t delve to much into the emotional undercurrents, I enjoyed it overall and hope you’ll give it a glance.
    Again, many thanks for your work! For whatever it’s worth, I’m a 49 yo white guy that follows you on Spotify.
    Best of luck!

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