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Anonymous asked:

Everyone’s asks are super deep but I just wanna throw out there that the joking assertion that John’s sex tape was to detract from his lack of material was pure comedy gold and I loved it.

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Hello! We’re so glad you’re enjoying the show and that you’re enjoying the humorous aspects as well! 🙂  Thank you so much for this ask – it brought a smile to our faces! 

– Thalia and the AKOM crew 

Ringo Starr: The King of Feel

This episode is dedicated entirely to the one and only Ringo Starr! His musicianship, his chemistry with the other Beatles, and how interesting he is as a human being are often overshadowed in the fandom, but Paul continues into present day to refer to Ringo as “the best drummer in the world,” and Dave Grohl calls him, “the king of feel.” Like Paul, Dave, and most of the music world, we feel Ringo deserves more accolades!  Join us as we celebrate his uniqueness, creativity, and innovation as a musician, as well as his interesting life story.


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