Reclaimed Weekend: AKOM Talks w/ May Pang

Listen HERE

AKOM talks with the fabulous May Pang about “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” and a variety of big and small topics including: John praising Cynthia’s parenting, meeting Paul and Linda in the 1980s, visiting David Bowie w/ Paul and Linda, and the ride John abstained from at Disney World.

Surprise Surprise JOHN LENNON (1974)
Real Love (demo) JOHN LENNON (1977)
#9 Dream JOHN LENNON (1974)
Tennessee (Take 5) JOHN LENNON (1975)
(Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess JOHN LENNON (1980)
Young Americans DAVID BOWIE (1975)
Waiting for the Sun to Shine (demo) PAUL McCARTNEY (1975)
Slippin’ and Slidin’ JOHN LENNON (1975)
Stand By Me JOHN LENNON (1975)

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