AKOM Mailbag: Tumblr Edition

Listen HERE and HERE

Phoebe and Daphne answer listener mail from social media site, tumblr. This 2-part episode offers a unique glimpse into feedback and questions from AKOM listeners. (Also, keep an ear out for a brief appearance by a special guest!)

Did you Get Back change your minds? 
George and Paul in the 70s 
Here Today 
Night We Cried (This One)
Does Paul talk to John? 
Does Paul remember John? 
Paul’s social media? 
New Series Request 
Little Lamb Dragonfly 
Love w/o sex; sex w/o love 
Did John have an eating disorder? 
Did Paul write less on AHDN? 
Four songs, Two letters 
Stepsister Angie
BJ’s are gay?!? 
John homophobic/Wouldn’t he tell Paul? 
Would modern J/P have a different relationship? 
Paul’s Garbage Era (‘68)

Paul’s job v. John’s art school 
John refused to be alone with Paul?! 
Paul’s difficulty saying ILY
Emperor of Eternity 
John hit Yoko?!?
WTB cover art 
Lewisohn relations 
The Hamburg crew and Paul 
Paul is a weak drummer
Paul in court 
Paul put up with so much 
Divorce Meeting (nervous laughter) 
Was Yoko at entrapment session?
Feminization of Paul 
Paul/John in ‘66 v. ‘68 
Victor Spinetti 
We don’t like Paul’s solo work?! 
Genius Composer

P.S. I Love You THE BEATLES (1963)
Please Mr. Postman THE BEATLES (1963)
Paperback Writer THE BEATLES (1965)


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