A Mistake in Many Ways: Ep3 Probably a Rebirth


After the new year, John approaches the Beatles with a new outlook and a new idea for the future. The trial separation, John predicts, “will either be a death or a Rebirth.” And John has made his choice!

Episode Three delves into John’s hopes and fears for the fate of Lennon/McCartney in 1970, and then ties in some pertinent quotes from 1980 which show how he processed and framed the breakup in later years and the philosophical outlook he ultimately achieved. 

And of course we continue the unfolding drama of the standoff between the estranged partners in Phase Two of the Trial Separation.


Scene and Heard, BBC (Feb 6, 1970)
“A Hard Day’s Write” by Steve Turner (October 1994)
Audio snippet Interview w/ David Sheff (1980)
“Living Together” St. Regis Interview, Peter McCabe and Robert Schonfeld (1971)
“It’s Difficult to Believe John and Paul Have Fallen Out” by Mike Hennessey, Record Mirror (March 13, 1971)
Scene and Heard, BBC (Feb 6, 1970)
Interview w/ Roy Shipston Disc and Music Echo (Feb 28, 1970)
Many Years from Now by Barry Miles (1997)
“All We Are Saying,”by David Sheff (1980)
Interview snippet about Jealousy (audio) (1971) Gimme Some Truth (2000) by Andrew Solt
John Lennon’s #IMAGINE50 Listening Party on Twitter
Playboy Interview with Paul and Linda McCartney: Interviewed by Joan Goodman Article ©1984 Playboy Press
Man on the Run by Tom Doyle (2013)


Instant Karma JOHN LENNON (1970)
Eleanor Rigby, Julia (Transition) THE BEATLES (2006)
Lovely Linda PAUL MCCARTNEY (1970)
Valentine Day PAUL MCCARTNEY (1970)
The Long and Winding Road THE BEATLES (1970)
You Know My Name THE BEATLES (1970)

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