In My Life w/ Rob Sheffield

Listen HERE

Phoebe and Thalia talk with Rolling Stone contributing editor and writer Rob Sheffield about “In My Life.”

Topics include: 
the backstory, inspiration and notable elements of the song; band dynamics of the mid-60s Beatles; Paul McCartney’s influence and impact on In My Life; George Harrison’s 1974 concert tour; John Lennon’s social media presence.

In My Life BEATLES (1965)
Girl THE BEATLES (1965)
HELP! (1965)
And Your Bird Can Sing THE BEATLES (1966)
In My Life (live) GEORGE HARRISON Long Beach, CA (Nov 10, 1974) 

Dreaming the Beatles, Rob Sheffield 2017
‘McCartney 3, 2, 1’: The Beatle, the Producer and Oh, That Magic Feeling by Rob Sheffield July 13, 2021
24 Reasons We’ll Keep Watching the Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ Forever by Rob Sheffield Nov 29, 2021
Morning Joe, MSNBC Nov 30, 2021
Lennon Remembers, by Jann Wenner for Rolling Stone (1970)
Paul McCartney in His Own Words (1976) by Paul Gambaccini
John Lennon to Playboy Magazine, (1980) reprinted in All We Are Saying by David Sheff, 2000
The Beatles Afterword (1985) by Hunter Davies (originally published 1968)
“AI used to solve disputed songwriting credits of Beatles hits” by Alex Matthews-King INDEPENDENT July 6, 2019
George Harrison: Lumbering in the Material World by Ben Fong-Torres Dec 19, 1974
John Lennon Instagram, June 18 2022

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