AKOM on GET BACK: Four Sides of a Square

Listen HERE

The third and final episode in our Get Back analysis is dedicated to Band Dynamics- the working and personal relationships within the Beatles and how all those conflicts, bonds and loyalties interact.

We also take a look at the Get Back deadlines; Were they as crazy as we think?

Join Phoebe, Daphne, Iris and Thalia for this lively, thoughtful and engrossing panel.


The Banality of Genius: Notes on Peter Jackson’s Get Back, Ian Leslie (Jan 26 2022)
Get Back, dir. Peter Jackson (2021)
John Lennon Interview w/ DJ John Small (October 22nd, 1969)
Beatles Anthology, dir. Geoff Wonfor; Bob Smeaton (1995)
Peace and Love, Broken Record podcast w/ Rick Rubin (Sep 21, 2021)
Ringo Interview from: Understanding McCartney/Ep 5, dir breathless345 (2020)
Ringo Starr Interview w/ Howard Stern (2000)
Felix Dennis quote from: You Never Give Me Your Money: The Battle for the Soul of the Beatles, Peter Doggett (2009)
Playboy interview w/ Allen Klein (1971)
Solid State, The Story of Abbey Road and the End of the Beatles, Ken Womack (2019)
Maureen Starkey interview (published 1998)
Tune In, Mark Lewisohn (2013)
Beatles on the Roof, Tony Barrel (2017)
With a Little Help from My Friends, the Making of Sergeant Pepper, George Martin (1994)
Maximum Volume: The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin (The Early Years, 1926-1966) Ken Womack (2018)
Philip Norman (?)
Playback: An Illustrated Memoir, George Martin (2002)
Let it Be, dir Michael Lindsay-Hogg (1970)
George Harrison, Guitar World: When We Was Fab. (1992)
THE LYRICS, Paul McCartney and Paul Muldoon (2021)
Many Years From Now, Barry Miles (1997)
Peter Jackson on Stephen Colbert (Nov 25, 2021)

*ADDENDUM- We erroneously state that the Beatles’ contract in September 1969 requires seven Beatles/Solo albums per year until 1976. The Beatles were in fact only required to produce TWO albums per year until 1976. Apologies for this errror.

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