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Tagthe myth of paul the PR man

talking-perfectly-loud asked:

I’d love a “King Foot-in-Mouth” episode! All about Paul’s many many failings as a PR man and why his reputation as such is ridiculous

~ Our Tumblr Asks

Hi, @talking-perfectly-loud ! LOL, that would be quite a listen for sure! There’s a veritable goldmine of Paul being King Foot-in-Mouth from over the years.

I think people genuinely confuse being affable, professional, and pleasant in interview settings with actual “public relations” which does include charisma to a point, but it also includes crafting a compelling and interesting narrative and having some measure of control over how you’re perceived by the public.

Good PR is understanding how certain statements may be interpreted and how to use carefully crafted messaging and branding to shape public perception. People usually need help and coaching from a professional in this area to be able to do it well.

Paul is simply not gifted in this arena as evidenced by telling the same four Beatles-centric stories in every interview, being exceptionally untalented at explaining his political and social justice beliefs without it coming out in a hamfisted or tone-deaf way, and being stingy in terms of releasing his coolest unreleased (officially anyway) solo works.