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Anonymous asked:

Have you all seen this? “Exposing the Voice of Truth: A Psychological Profile of John Lennon”? Would be interested in your thoughts. It is an academic paper about possible DSM-5 diagnoses for John, written by some English student at The College of New Jersey.

Our Tumblr asks

Hi listener, we have seen this paper and gave it a read.

To us, it’s an effort by an undergraduate student to link John’s behaviors to the DSM-5 criteria of BPD. The author makes some faulty assumptions (like saying that Mimi was, “incapable of expressing compassion”), and mentions Paul McCartney exactly once (and only in reference to a “Glass Onion,” song lyric).  It’s not the work of someone trained in the science and discipline of psychology.  It’s an armchair diagnosis, so it’s not something that we feel could be used to conclusively prove anything about John’s mental health.  As far as armchair diagnoses go, it’s as good as any of them. 🙂 

So while we do think John struggled with his mental health for his entire life, and that his struggles should be taken into account (and taken seriously) when studying his life and work, we don’t think it’s a great idea to attempt to armchair diagnose him with any specific condition, especially by someone not trained in psychology or who didn’t meet with John in a clinical setting.