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A while back I’ve seen an interesting comment on Reddit about The Fool On The Hill, in which the OP argued that the song could have been The Beatles’ magnum opus, if it wasn’t for the odd way the song is produced (the ridiculous recorders to start with).

What gets me about this is that I kind of agree with the OP that if other choices were made during the making of the song to what we know today (like chosing different instruments, taking more epic approach, making it longer), the song would be much bigger than it is in this timeline. It has interesting thought behind it and the melody itself is perfect.

However the fact that this smart, thought producing song is hidden behind a dreamlike and foolish, practically ridiculous recording with flutes and bird-like tape loops actually makes it even better because it sends the same message as the lyrics themselves, even if it makes it less appealing to the masses, but it, again, reinforces the initial point by doing that and I-

Anyway, The Fool On The Hill is briliant. Go listen to her.