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Anonymous asked:

Your episode about Klein and the relationship between John and Brian… I’ve never agreed with someone so much. A lot of things Brian did because he was biased towards John were very unprofessional (and Paul was right to be irritated at some of them) and yet they’re always either forgotten (by the Jean Jackets) or romanticised (by the fans, especially the youngest).

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Thanks very much for this feedback!  

There are so many problematic assumptions baked into the Beatles story, it’s amazing.  One of the worst, in our view, is the idea that Lennon was entitled to act however he wanted with total impunity and that everyone in the Beatles universe was obligated to serve and capitulate to Lennon’s needs only.  To even challenge this assumption is radical in some circles.  We think it’s time for this to change!

One of our baseline assumptions about the Lennon-McCartney partnership is that they considered each other equals, and that there absolutely was no “junior and senior partner.“ Operating under this assumption, it’s reasonable to argue  that Paul’s needs were every bit as important, and should have been equally represented by management.  And the idea that he should have capitulated to a manager that was aggressively hostile and abusive to him (Klein) is absurd. We can’t believe that some writers are even floating this idea and we think it only reflects how skewed the thinking is.

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Anonymous asked:

You were so right about Brian’s often unprofessional behaviour (ex. his trip to Spain with John) in the episode about Klein!!

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Thank you, listener!  We always try to sensible and fair.  We know Brian is a well-loved figure in the Beatles story, and was very important to their success.  However, we see that his favoritism and sometimes unprofessional behavior has been normalized and excused from the start, and many authors (most recently Lewisohn) have painted Paul as “difficult” for expressing frustration or concern over the situation, and we believe that’s very unfair.