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Anonymous asks:

Episode 6 is the best episode yet!! I love how you pointed out Paul’s reasons for endorsing the JohnandYoko union, even though he knew it wasn’t ideal. You made a lot of really fantastic, articulate points. Your take on this whole breakup is literally the only one that I’ve seen that makes sense.

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Thank you so much, listener! We worked incredibly hard on it, so we appreciate your acknowledgement, and are so happy you enjoyed it! 🙂

– Diana and Phoebe

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our new website, which you can find HERE.

Not to worry, Tumblr followers, we plan to remain active on here as well! 🙂

Anonymous asked:

Absolutely adore this podcast, thank you so much!

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And thank you so much for listening to us! We’re so glad you’re enjoying! 🙂

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I’m a huge fan of the pod, almost to the point where it makes other Beatles podcasts irritating because I miss the deeper more accurate understanding you have of Lennon/McCartney that you bring. Maybe you plan to stick to history type topics but I’d love to also hear some episodes where you just talk about your favorite songs, listen through a particular album, or other personal, fannish stuff like that. Either way thanks again for the great content

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The Break-up is a complicated topic (which is why each episode takes so much work and time to produce), but we are proud of what we’re doing and strive to get it right. Having said that, when we complete the series we’ll be delighted to switch over to some lighter, more fannish topics! We love discussing music and film, so for sure we will have many of those episodes in the near future.

In the meantime, we’re very excited for part 6 of the Break-up Series, which should be out soon!

And the upcoming episode 7 is all about the Abbey Road album, so stay tuned for that as well! 🙂

From part 5 of, “If I Ran Away from You,” our in-depth series on #thebeatles breakup – we give this issue the time and attention it deserves.

Anonymous asked:

Please tell me that “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” playing in the background while you talked about Paul bad John still enjoying the other’s company was intentional!!

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Well, we are always very intentional with our musical choices…🙂😎🔨🔨

almhw85 asked:

Thank you for episodes 4 & 5, I really enjoyed them. Our dear Beatle Authorship could learn from this “applying sensitivity and emotional intelligence to our analysis” thing you’ve got going on . You don’t just defend Paul against the stupid tropes of mainstream fandom – IMHO, you have done John the greatest service: being regarded as a human person and not a cliche male fandom object of worship. You have fleshed those four guys out (and I can’t wait for the Linda episode!!)

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Thank you!  It is part of our mission to faithfully represent what we believe is John’s POV as well as Paul’s.  As much as John has been reductively demonized (i.e. Albert Goldman) or superhero/exalted (by take your pick of authors), the truth is that almost everyone in his life testifies that he was a deeply sensitive and sweet person who was easily hurt.  We respect John’s courage and talent but we also respect that he was a fragile person with huge (and maybe sometimes unrealistic) needs.

Anonymous asked:

You were so right about Brian’s often unprofessional behaviour (ex. his trip to Spain with John) in the episode about Klein!!

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Thank you, listener!  We always try to sensible and fair.  We know Brian is a well-loved figure in the Beatles story, and was very important to their success.  However, we see that his favoritism and sometimes unprofessional behavior has been normalized and excused from the start, and many authors (most recently Lewisohn) have painted Paul as “difficult” for expressing frustration or concern over the situation, and we believe that’s very unfair. 

Anonymous asked:

Happy New Year! I love your podcast! Learned about it from a YouTube commenter on one of the “Understanding Lennon McCartney” videos. I am becoming a more serious Beatles fan and wondered if there is a book list available that touches on quotes you’ve mentioned on your shows (if there already is a list, kindly disregard). Keep up the great work.

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Hi listener, happy belated New Year to you as well!

We’re fans of the Understanding Lennon/McCartney videos, so it’s very cool that you found us from a comment there! It’s nice to know the word about our show is getting around. 🙂

Thanks for your patience while we talked about how to approach this ask! The question of Beatles books can lead down quite a rabbit hole as you may guess. At the moment we’re working on making our web presence more interesting and elegant, and something like a list and ranking of the resources we use is something we’re discussing. In the meantime we did answer another listener’s ask that was somewhat similar to yours.

This list is not exhaustive or super detailed, but it has some good titles in it, many of which we have used for our episodes.

See the post here…

Thanks for writing and stay tuned!

– Thalia and the AKOM crew


Anonymous asked:

Have you all seen this? “Exposing the Voice of Truth: A Psychological Profile of John Lennon”? Would be interested in your thoughts. It is an academic paper about possible DSM-5 diagnoses for John, written by some English student at The College of New Jersey.

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Hi listener, we have seen this paper and gave it a read.

To us, it’s an effort by an undergraduate student to link John’s behaviors to the DSM-5 criteria of BPD. The author makes some faulty assumptions (like saying that Mimi was, “incapable of expressing compassion”), and mentions Paul McCartney exactly once (and only in reference to a “Glass Onion,” song lyric).  It’s not the work of someone trained in the science and discipline of psychology.  It’s an armchair diagnosis, so it’s not something that we feel could be used to conclusively prove anything about John’s mental health.  As far as armchair diagnoses go, it’s as good as any of them. 🙂 

So while we do think John struggled with his mental health for his entire life, and that his struggles should be taken into account (and taken seriously) when studying his life and work, we don’t think it’s a great idea to attempt to armchair diagnose him with any specific condition, especially by someone not trained in psychology or who didn’t meet with John in a clinical setting.

“If I Ran Away from You: Part 5″ Love, War, and the Games that Ended the Beatles

In this episode, Diana and Phoebe explore the Battle for Northern Songs, which raged throughout the Spring and Summer of 1969. They go deep into this topic, providing detail and context as they investigate Paul’s infamous extra shares and explore the psychological impact of the loss of their publishing rights.
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Anonymous wrote:

Just want to say thanks for the great podcast. Has completely changed my view on Paul and the Beatles. Like, once you realize that Paul was disengaging possibly more than any of them, so many things start to click and make sense that didn’t before. It’s amazing how pervasive the narrative that he was desperately clinging to the band seems to be.

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Hi listener,

We’re always thrilled when people have this kind of reaction to our show, so thank you for writing to us!

This narrative is so persistent and pervasive, isn’t it? When we really examine the actual behavior of John and Paul at that time, and put it under a microscope, this narrative simply makes no sense.

Stay with us – we have a lot of interesting topics coming up!

– Thalia and the AKOM crew