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Anonymous asked:

I LOVE your podcast!! Not sure if I’m being presumptuous by making a request, but would you ever consider doing an episode about John’s “Paul’s the best PR man” quote and then going into all the ways Paul sucks at PR? (Because you’re so right, he totally does, LOL!)

~ Our Tumblr Asks

When people say that Paul is a “great PR man” I think they really mean one of three things:

1. That Paul TRIES to manage his image, and we can see him trying.

I mean, I absolutely agree with this. But we see him doing it precisely because it’s so ham-fisted and he’s so bad at it.

John, on the other hand, was downright masterful at brand-management. We have a tendency to chalk that up primarily to Yoko, but he was naturally good at it too. John always had massive personal charisma and was a very articulate speaker. He could pontificate eloquently about serious stuff but could also bullshit persuasively on topics he knew very little about. He could’ve easily run for office or started a cult. Not to mention the fact that John pulled the Jedi mind trick of saying “Paul is the best PR man in the world!” and got everyone to mindlessly repeat it for 50 years- this is testament to how good John is!

Paul, by comparison, is a lightweight chump, out there being nice to people, shaking hands, signing autographs and trusting people to write nice stuff about him. AMATEUR HOUR BY COMPARISON.

Paul mentally lives in another era, wherein if you are polite and gracious, the press won’t pry and attack you. But that “gentlemen’s agreement” evaporated long ago. Paul has tried to pushback on the press a few times, but he (predictably) gets pummeled. So he finds himself on a shitty hamster wheel of his own creation, being professional and kind and decent to people as meanwhile a cult of people who like to be edgy  hate him for being “fake.” (which of course is every person’s natural, unalienable RIGHT! No one is oppressing you or prohibiting you from hating Paul if this is your desire)

In any case, the whole idea that “trying to manage your image” is somehow unethical or fake is… stupid and childish and not even a serious adult conversation. All celebrities do this and have since the beginning of time. Nowadays non-celebrities do it too (via social media)!


2. That Paul is a huge, fake liar who isn’t who he says he is!

Again, this is kind of a silly argument. Of course we don’t know the “real” Paul. The Real Paul is a flesh-n-blood, powerful man and creative genius who has been in show business for a million years and is therefore rather predictably liked and disliked by many people.

Through the eyes of someone who doesn’t like him, he’s awful. Through the eyes of someone who does, he’s terrific! Of course he is all this shit. John Lennon wasn’t the man he projected into the world either.

Also, this smacks of “Paul is dead” conspiracy nonsense.

3. That everything Paul does or says is meant to make him look good!!!!!

I have some bad news. 😱 All celebrities tailor everything they say to make themselves look good. I know! It’s tough to realize this. But take a moment to let it sink in…. Everyone is the hero of his own story.

We will concede that Paul does sanitize stuff (especially nowadays) to make everyone look good. To criticize him for this in fine (if you somehow feel entitled to know all the dirt about everything), but to pretend it’s purely selfish is disingenuous. He strives to make everyone shine in the best possible light, and everyone fucking knows it.

Sure, Paul benefits if the Beatles as a group have a nice image. But also he just might love those people? And not want to trash them?

In any case, we don’t have an episode planned on this topic, but agree that it would make an interesting one. (It could also make a good episode of One Sweet Dream as Diana is very eloquent on this subject)

TL;DR: some fans find Paul’s brand of PR repugnant and distasteful and that’s fine. Some people find John’s brand of “telling it like it is” insincere and tiresome and that’s fine, too.

As always, fandom is optional and we don’t have to like anyone.



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