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Anonymous asked:

Wait im new to your blog (haven’t listened to your podcast yet, but planning to soon!) so im confused what a “jean jacket” is? (I mean I know what it is in the literal sense, but not personified yknow)

~ Our Tumblr Asks


Well our blog (such as it is) is mostly just an adjunct to our podcast. It isn’t updated frequently, but we do try to (eventually) answer all the mail we get here.

If you’re new to the podcast, you can jump in anywhere! I’d suggest you pick a topic that interests you and dive in. 🙂

If you’re into song analysis and extensive discussion of Mary McCartney, check out our Female Protagonists episode

If you’re into film analysis, check out our AHDN v. Maysles and Magical Mystery Tour episodes

If you’re into the 66-67 Beatles era and want to know more about Paul McCartney’s creative influence on the band’s psychedelic period, check out our conversation on the documentary Goin’ Underground.

If you’re into the nastiness of John and Paul’s breakup (haha), we’ve got a part 1 and 2 on How Do You Sleep.

If you want an amuse-bouche of AKOM, we have two mini-episodes: how Jealous Guy was written for Paul McCartney, and a Toast to RAM.

Our very first episode is about the hot topic of leadership and our contention that John and Paul were equal co-leaders of the Beatles.

And if you want more general (i.e. chaotic) discussions, two of our earliest episodes, one on Ringo and one on Yoko.

Last but not least, we have an interview with Chris O’Dell.

“Jean Jacket” is a term coined by me to denote a Beatles traditionalist, someone who clings steadfastly to the original Lennon-Remembers era narrative -despite new information or evidence to the contrary. I explain it in our introductory episode (but maybe we should post a definition somewhere).

Thanks for the ask!


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