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thebackseatofmycar asked:

I haven’t really seen it being discussed before, (if it has, my bad! I just haven’t seen it yet) but what songs do you guys think Paul wrote (or just speculated to have written) about his breakup with Jane? I would find it out of character for him to not process it through song in some type of way.

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Hello @thebackseatofmycar,

Thanks for the question! Although this type of speculation can be controversial, it can also be fun. We think Jane was the inspiration of SO MANY of Paul’s Beatles songs! Even though both Jane and Paul are quiet/private about their relationship, it is a bit strange that Jane is never discussed as one of rock’s greatest muses (as opposed to say, Pattie Boyd).

In any case, here are a few that I personally think are either directly or indirectly written about Jane:

And I Love Her
Things We Said Today
Another Girl (what an asshole!)
The Night Before
You Won’t See Me (again, asshole)
I’m Looking Through You
We Can Work it Out
For No One
Honey Pie
Can You Take Me Back?
Let it Be
Long and Winding Road

To be honest, most of those are sorta break-up songs (or at least lover’s quarrel songs)!

But I assume your original question is about their final breakup in summer 68. In that event, I would say all Paul’s break-up/sad songs of that era (or just all his songs in general) are potentially about Jane in some way.  Of course in this late-Beatles era Paul is also processing the estrangement from John, which he also took very hard/seriously, so this could be (and probably was) factoring into those songs as well.

Maybe Paul’s upcoming Lyrics book will shed light on these?  (HAHA, just kidding of course they won’t)

Thanks for the ask!


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