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Anonymous asked:

You guys are my heroes! What does it take to be a “Beatles Expert?”

~ Our Tumblr Asks

Thanks, buddy! We aim to please.

What does it take to be a Beatles expert? Depends on who you ask! According to most fans, it just requires reading a lot of books. We think reading Beatles books is the bare minimum for forming your own opinions and theories. Beyond that we use our own research, critical thought, personal experience and consideration of others’ POVs. Then we weigh all of that against the Beatles’ own words/perspectives. Finally, we try to remain open to evolving our own ideas and opinions according to new information, persuasive evidence or the well-reasoned arguments from people we respect.

All that said, none of us at AKOM consider ourselves “Beatles experts.” (nor do we even consider that a real thing!) We are just informed, opinionated fans who like to discuss the Beatles and encourage people to read and think critically.


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