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I think that as soon as insiders and people who were actually there with the Beatles show even the slightest bias that isn’t towards John without claiming to be impartial, most people (especially boomers and Jean jackets) get riled up and dismiss their stories as false and revisionist.And I agree with you that authors who claim to be objective should not favour one over the others and pick sides.

~ Our Tumblr Asks

Well, it’s usually John but I suppose it could be about whoever your favorite Beatles is (but yes, 99% of the time it’s John, haha).

For instance, I think F. Schwartz’s book is totally trashy and sensationalized (not to mention it’s super dirty to write an expose of someone you knew for a mere three months at one of the most vulnerable times of their life), but it’s still a piece of the enormously complex puzzle of Who is Paul McCartney (albeit one that should be taken with a massive grain of salt).

Likewise with some of the wilder memoirs about John and Yoko, such as Dakota Days by John Green, or even some of the accounts in The Lives of John Lennon. They are small pieces of a broader picture and shouldn’t be given more weight than they deserve. We always have to consider through who’s eyes these lurid stories are told. Even though our brains tend to magnify upsetting pieces of information, it’s best to balance them alongside the less-sensational stuff we know too. A person’s life is long and complex and inevitably includes highs, lows, moments of darkness and shame along with the more glorious moments.

And of course some people are going to have more affection for Paul than John or vice verse. Just as some prefer one’s music over the other’s. That’s just common sense.

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