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Anonymous asked:

How do you ladies feel about Geoff Emericks book? It seems quite controversial in the fandom.

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Personally I really enjoyed it. Found it well-written (or ghost-written, or ghost-edited or whatever) and entertaining. I have no idea why it would be controversial, except I guess that people are upset because Geoff prefers Paul to John and doesn’t care much for George Harrison. Of course that’s just Geoff’s POV. People who like and respect Paul are allowed to say so and can dislike George Harrison (just as people dislike Paul, John, Ringo, etc). I DO understand why this would bum people out, or be a thing they’d not take pleasure in reading but again it’s a memoir, from Geoff’s POV, so it naturally reflects his opinions and feelings.

I think people sometimes expect memoirs to have the same objectivity as a historical narrative, which IMO isn’t realistic or even appropriate. Memoirs are based on personal accounts and subjective impressions. We don’t have to agree with Geoff’s opinions, but his observations on his personal experiences are valuable. As Kristen observed in our AHDN/Maysles episode, there are many versions of these famous individuals, and all of them are true. I love the books written by Cynthia, Pete Shotten, May Pang, George Martin, etc because they are personal and subjective and they provide important puzzle pieces to our understanding of these complicated individuals.

On the other hand, biographers that claim to be objective like Lewisohn, Doggett, Norman, etc. should not pick sides, play favorites, elevate one person’s POV above the others’ etc. Obviously that’s something we do push back on because we hold those books to a higher standard in terms of bias. Readers assume those books are objective and factual. Aspects of history that are ignored in these books are assumed to be unimportant. It’s vital that they be subjected to peer review.

Thanks for the ask!

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