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Anonymous asked:

Love the podcast guys. Pure speculation, but I was wondering if you thought there was any connection between JohnandYoko’s initial decision to get married in Paris and the fact that Paul and John had a trip there in their youth, that maybe John was trying to send a slightly antagonistic message.

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Hmm… it’s certainly possible, but we doubt it.

We know that John took Cynthia to Paris in 1964 (as a sort of late honeymoon?) and Paul took a weekend trip there with Robert Fraser in early ‘66.  The Beatles played Paris in ‘64 and ‘65.  Plus John and Paul met up for a long weekend in Paris in late ‘66 (with Maggie McGivern and Brian and maybe Neil?).  So they had both been back to Paris, separately and together, since ‘61. 

In other words, John probably just loved Paris; it’s certainly not an unusual place to Honeymoon!  If he had chosen, say, Caversham 😇 then yes, I would think that was a transparent “Fuck You” to Paul.  But Paris?  That’s a harder case to make.

Thanks for writing in!

-Phoebe and the AKOM crew



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