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Anonymous asked: I love the fact that your not part of the McLennon fandom!

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Hello Anon, thanks for writing!

We are most definitely not part of the McLennon fandom.  As we recently stated to another listener: we are conducting a sincere, reality-based exploration of John and Paul’s creative and personal relationship and trying to determine what caused/provoked their break-up and its ensuing fallout.  

We believe that John and Paul had a deep, intimate relationship that was complicated and often confusing, but so far we’ve seen no evidence whatsoever that John and Paul were lovers in the biblical sense.

If evidence suddenly emerges that John and Paul were sex partners throughout the 60s, we would say “good for them” and happily support them.   Until then, we have absolutely no basis to think this was the case.

Our research suggests it is MUCH more likely that there was a combustible undercurrent of emotion and attraction between Paul and John, always.  These feelings most likely fueled their creativity at the best of times and made them hostile and bitter towards each other at the worst of times.  How conscious of this attraction either of them were at the time (or after their breakup)  is hard to gauge, and it’s only by painstakingly compiling and contextualizing their comments on the subject AND their behavior that we can even get an approximate idea of how they processed it.  

Our take is simply our take but it is based on facts, historical context, common sense and empathy.  We encourage our listeners to likewise follow the evidence rather than fall into the trap of speculation, fantasy or rumor mongering.  

We also passionately and officially object to anyone who mocks Paul for being effeminate and implies or states that he is too pretty/sensitive/loving to be heterosexual.  This is deeply homophobic and extremely problematic (not to mention nonsensical!) and we really, really wish it would stop.  

Having said all that, we respect the right of fans to enjoy the Beatles in whatever way they choose, so long as no one spreads misinformation, lies or rumors.

Thanks again!




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