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What do you think about the upcoming Let it be movie and the accusations (made by people who believe in the jean jackets’ version of Beatles history) that Paul is trying to rewrite history by showing that those sessions weren’t always miserable? I mean, Ringo has agreed to the project and anyway Peter Jackson will be the one to choose the footage to include in the film

And another thing… John, George and Ringo asked Michael Lindsay-Hogg to cut any scene that showed them in a negative light from the original Let it be movie, whereas Paul didn’t… So why is this not considered ‘rewriting history’?

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Well, the sessions weren’t always miserable, as the footage will show.

I mean, to some extent I agree that focusing only on the positive will obscure the real story underneath (i.e. the band breaking up for interpersonal reasons).   But I also suspect that the people who will benefit MOST from this new edit are John & Yoko.  I’m almost certain the new film will not address A) the fight between John and George that led to George’s departure or B) the unanimous disapproval of Yoko’s intrusive presence.  I anticipate multiple shots of Yoko giggling and looking cute and lots of footage of John & Yoko canoodling for the cameras.  

The official story of the Beatles break-up that has been mutually agreed upon and cemented over the past couple of decades is this:  John left the Beatles because he fell madly in love with a fabulously artistic woman and it became all he could think about.  Paul was sad but had no choice when John left the group.  John and Yoko went on to do great things with peace and live happily ever after, THE END.  This story is the simplest, happiest, most palatable and most marketable.  Most people, even amongst “hardcore” Beatle fans, believe it without question.  It is the lowest common denominator of narratives.  I would be absolutely shocked if Jackson’s film strayed from this view.

The irony is that this narrative does not flatter Paul at all, in fact it deeply undermines him as an artist and a person, to a degree that is absolutely infuriating.  However, given the realities of the tragic demise of the Beatles and Lennon/McCartney, coupled with John Lennon’s erratic/turbulent mental state throughout the 1970s, it is understandable that Paul wants to focus on the positive.  Not just for his sake, or for the sake of the Beatles, but for John’s too.  

As to the Jean Jackets, Paul will simply never win with them. 

-Phoebe and the Crew



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