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George isn’t even my favourite but the fact that he wrote “False” under the title of Norman’s bio of the group made him win a lot of points in my book… And yet not many people know about George’s dismissal of it…

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It’s hard to believe (especially to those of us too young to remember or experience it), but “Shout” was the definitive biography of the Beatles until it was dethroned by “Tune In.”  This narrative dominated for almost 30 years, despite having an absurd premise (John was ¾ of the Beatles)  and the fact that NONE of the Beatles were actually interviewed for it (!!!) and apparently all hated it.

This is important to remember when we get agitated about Lewisohn.  His version will not last forever.  Things WILL eventually evolve. Beatles Historiography is still extremely homogeneous, but as the landscape becomes more diverse and a wider range of individuals bring different backgrounds, brains, experiences, outlooks and voices to this authorship, things will change.

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