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almhw85 asked:

Thank you for episodes 4 & 5, I really enjoyed them. Our dear Beatle Authorship could learn from this “applying sensitivity and emotional intelligence to our analysis” thing you’ve got going on . You don’t just defend Paul against the stupid tropes of mainstream fandom – IMHO, you have done John the greatest service: being regarded as a human person and not a cliche male fandom object of worship. You have fleshed those four guys out (and I can’t wait for the Linda episode!!)

Our Tumblr asks

Thank you!  It is part of our mission to faithfully represent what we believe is John’s POV as well as Paul’s.  As much as John has been reductively demonized (i.e. Albert Goldman) or superhero/exalted (by take your pick of authors), the truth is that almost everyone in his life testifies that he was a deeply sensitive and sweet person who was easily hurt.  We respect John’s courage and talent but we also respect that he was a fragile person with huge (and maybe sometimes unrealistic) needs.

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